• A list of narrative scenarios and service design maps, presenting proper behaviours covering the communication skills needs of the modern receptionists, based on a body of knowledge developed by professionals, users and stakeholders. 
  • An online 3D platform offering game-based learning to receptionists through simulation scenarios (for receptionists). 
  • An online platform for editing existing and creating new scenarios (for tutors). 
  • An online platform for organizing and performing synchronous assessments along with a certification and assessment guide (for assessors) 
  • 100 certified front desk officers that will follow the project's pilot trainings 
  • 25 trainers trained in how to run WELCOME training and assessment sessions.   

On the project's completion:

  • To have raised awareness on the project results, offering a fast and competitive way for training hotel receptionists. 
  • Open Educational Resources in 3-D Game-based learning for further development by the hospitality industry and VET providers. 
  • To have ensured sustainability by:

    (a) proving the added value of the developed platform, 
   (b) having convinced decision makers through dissemination & communication activities and project results, and, 
   (c) by creating an easy to use authoring tool and a trustworthy assessment tool with which assessors will be able award certifications (increasing their profitability and reducing assessment costs).  





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